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M&A and Capital Raise Investment Banking

 USA & India  



Glomo is an advisory and consulting firm based in the Washington DC-Metro area. Glomo provides M&A and Capital Raise Investment Banking services to its clients in USA and India. 



Internet of Things

Billions of devices are getting connected to internet very quickly. Purpose of these devices is to collect and analyze data. Connectivity of these devices remains a challenge and creating many opportunities for companies to build new products, platforms and services in IOT space such as connected cars, smart cities and homes, remote sensing through centralized or distributed analytics platforms. Glomo advises IOT product and services companies to grow and expand in US Market.


Cyber Security

Security of technology assets on-premises and in-cloud is very important due to cyber security threats and compliance requirements. We are living in connected world and security threats can emerge from anywhere. Guarding corporate assets has become very vital. Security ecosystem comprises of firewalls, SIEM, Malware detection, intrusion prevention, behavioral analysis and remediation. Many companies provide security products and solutions. 

Data Analytics

Analyzing data for decision making is a core activity performed by most companies now. Business Intelligence is poised to grow in this digital and globally interconnected economy. Many new and old technology companies are joining the bandwagon and creating new tools and algorithms to analyze data faster and accurately. Glomo advises Analytics products, services and platform companies in partnering with US based public and private companies, License technology to US companies, acquire direct clients in US market, M&A and private capital raise from global strategic and financial investors based in US.


IT Products, Services and platforms are increasingly adopting cloud and subscription model of revenue. Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Services (PaaS) companies are increasing and getting greater valuation. Glomo can advise SaaS and PaaS companies in partnering with US based public and private companies, License technology, acquire direct clients in US market, M&A and private capital raise from global strategic and financial investors based in US.


Real Estate

Merger & Acquisition, capital raise, Partnerships and acquisition of new clients leads to business growth.  Demand for additional real estate to perform business activities also increases as business grows and expand. Glomo has credentials and partnerships with global and local commercial real estate firms to advise it clients in acquiring, selling and leasing office spaces, warehouses and data centers within US and across India.

Internet Infrastructure

Companies and governments across the globe are adopting Internet to provide services and deliver products very rapidly. This has created huge market potential for companies providing products and services to meet this increasing internet infrastructure demand.  Glomo advises companies creating products, services and platforms on AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Verizon Cloud, Century Link and other internet providers in partnering with US based public and private companies, License technology to US companies, acquire direct clients in US market, M&A and private capital raise from global strategic and financial investors based in US.

Block Chain Technology

Block chain technology is transforming the transaction, recording and security at fundamental level. This technology is being used in crypto currency such as bitcoin, travel industry, Data security and in many other industries. We are strengthening our understanding and relationships in blocked in technology ecosystem Hence providing M&A opportunities to our clients in block chain technology.


M&A Services

Sell Side

Glomo advises it clients in identifying potential strategic or financial buyers and  provides advisory and consulting services as needed by the client during the M&A due diligence process till closing of the deal.

Buy Side

Glomo advises it clients in identifying potential targets for acquisition and  provide advisory and consulting services as needed by the clients till closing of the deal.

Private Capital Raise

Glomo advises it clients in selling minority or majority equity stake in their company to raise capital primarily for growth of the company or recapitalization.

M&A Services

Merger & Aquisition

Glomo focus on providing M&A and Private Capital Raise services to it clients. Glomo posses necessary credentials and experience in Merger & Acquisition activities.


Vippy Bhambra

Vippy has 21 years of  experience in business development, creating partnerships, mergers and Aquisitions, capital raise, Managing IT systems, data centers and real estate leasing and purchase . Vippy has worked with public and private companies such as GE, Cutler Hammer, Alabanza, AGM commercial real estate advisors and The Mclean Group. 


Over last 10 years Vippy has focused on building long lasting relationships with many  companies primarily located in USA and India. Vippy has completed many transactions in M&A and Commercial Real Estate.  Vippy has always worked with C-level executives as their  trusted Advisor to help them grow and expand their business. Building and maintaining relationships is core of what Vippy likes to do.


Vippy has worked in US for last 17 years and for 4 years in India prior to that. Vippy has completed Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India, MS in Information Systems  from University of Maryland and MBA in Finance and Marketing from Amity Business School, Delhi India.

Vippy Bhambra is a Registered Representative of BA Securities LLC.


Glomo has a team independent technology advisors who are experienced and renewed in their area of expertise. Technology advisor Glomo and it's clients as needed during M&A deals.

Sunil Garg
Data Analytics Advisor

Sunil Garg is the founder and CEO of dataVediK, an early stage startup specializing in Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and end-to-end Data Ecosystems for Oil & Gas and healthcare industries. Prior to this, he spent over two decades in leading the development of information management and Big Data Analytics technology solutions and business for Schlumberger.

Gain Dilawari
SaaS and Cloud Advisor

Gian Dilawari is an entrepreneurial, seasoned executive with more than twenty-five years’ experience in business management, with engineering and IT background and specializes in Software as a Service (SaaS) industry and Cloud Computing. Highlights include designing, managing and implementing functional and operating capabilities in a startup company, large telecommunication carrier both in networks and information technology. Mr. Dilawari is AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional. In last 12 years, Mr. Dilawari was a President of TravTech, Software as a Service provider company in Travel industry specializing in the Cruise Industry servicing global customers. Some of the key positions Mr. Dilawari held were: CTO at Cable and Wireless, USA, a telecommunication company with over $2 billion dollars in sales in USA, COO and Co-founder of Gemplex, Inc., an international VPN service provider. Mr. Dilawari is a graduate of Catholic University with Electrical Engineering.  He has served on TiE DC Board and he is a member of MindShare Group. Mr. Dilawari is an angel investor part of Tysons Angels.

Sat Nam Khalsa
Legal Advisor

Sat Nam Khalsa is an experienced tax and business attorney and advises Glomo LLC on variety of matters. He earned his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and is licensed in Washington, DC and Virginia.

M&A Transactions

Glomo exclusively advised Virginia based Global Institute of Forensic Research in

acquisition by MHS based Canada


Business Growth Advisor

One of the biggest challenge companies face in this global market is to grow their business in various countries. 


Glomo has office in Washington DC mertro area and Gurgaon India. As a Business Growth Advisor we assist companies in creating partnerships, alliances, license technology/ IP to / with other public and private companies, and acquire new direct customers located in USA.


Glomo has developed relationships with the top management of many large, mid size and small  US companies over the last 10 years. we are currently advising many clients as a Business Growth Advisor to grow and expand in US market.

Tech Advisor
M&A Trans


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Columbia, MD-21046

Phone: 443-583-4043

Fax: 801-730-7868

Note: Glomo periodically communicates with you via email and direct mail to keep you up to date with news about IT companies and Real Estate around USA and India. We respect your privacy and will NEVER rent, sell or otherwise provide your information to any third party.

Registered Representative of and all US securities transactions are executed through BA Securities, LLC member FINRA/SIPC. Glomo LLC and BA Securities, LLC are separate and unaffiliated entities

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