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Merger and Acquisition


Glomo India is based in Gurgoan near New Delhi India. Glomo India provides M&A, Private Capital Raise and Business Growth advisory and consulting services primarily to the companies located in India.


Glomo India focus on providing M&A and Private Capital Raise services to it clients in India. Glomo India posses necessary credentials and experience in Merger & Acquisition activities.



Glomo India advises many India based companies in partnering with US based companies and acquire direct clients in US market.



Glomo India is uniquely positioned to advise company located in India in partnerships with US based public and private companies. Through its close partnership with Glomo LLC, US based merger & Acquisition firm, Glomo India has relationship with decision makers in many US based public and private sector companies.  These partnerships mainly help India based companies in acquire many clients through strategic partnerships (Products, services, platforms) with US based companies.

Direct Clients

Adding direct clients is very important for company’s growth. Direct clients increase the valuation of the company substantially.   Valuations of the company is an important factor in financing or recapitalization of the company. Glomo India advises companies in India to acquire direct clients in US market by connecting business development teams of their clients with decision makers at public and private companies in US market.

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